Wholesale LED corn lights low price&best quality

Green harmful elements do not contain mercury and lead, was conducive to recovery and use, and will not produce electromagnetic interference, an ordinary LED corn lights contains mercury and lead toxic elements, energy-saving lamps, electronic ballasts will produce electromagnetic interference.

Protect eyesight DC power-driven, no flash, general lights are AC drive, it will inevitably produce stroboscopic for long time eyes disadvantage.High efficiency heat a small light, 90% of electrical energy into visible light, only 20% of the ordinary incandescent electric energy into visible light, and the other 80% of the electrical energy into heat of limited resources is a tremendous waste.High quality safety factor required voltage, current smaller, less heat, no security risk, can be used in mines and other dangerous places.

Pure white light: the same illumination, the illuminated object color most true, it is one of the best sources of the 21st century.Eye health functions: This product is the use of DC power, low heat, low price,truly no flash, due to the large light-emitting surface, the smallest of eye irritation. No UV leakage: relative fluorescent, energy saving lamps, etc., the LED corn lights because no UV leakage, mosquitoes, flies, moths, bugs, etc. to attract the minimum. No damage to the skin cooked food: LED corn lights no infrared ultraviolet radiation on the skin and cooked food, no side effects, such as: Some women, long-term work in incandescent or fluorescent light, there is no drying off the sun, their skin like Like the sun had very black very rough, are actually containing a UV lamp to blame.

Newshine’s LED Lighting offer lamps in warm, natural,pure and cool  white with colour temperatures measured in  Kelvin (K). The lower the colour temperature is, the warmer  the light given by the LED. CRI is a figure which feedback the real objects colors.Higher CRI is always with higher cost.For LED corn light bulbs,the CRI is mostly 75-80Ra. But there are some suppliers write a high data to attract clients,please note.

Most types of our led corn light bulbs are dimmable. But for those not dimmable, we do not recommend using our LED corn light bulbs on a dimmer switch, this type of switch can potentially cause damage to the bulb.Any temperature below 14 F or above 122 F may cause a LED bulb to flicker, dim, change color, or cease to function. Wholesale LED corn light bulb is returned to an operational environment it should began to work properly.


Low price LED corn light bulbs high power

Isolated Driver, Non-isolated driver available.Operating temperature: -25 to +55 degree CelsiusLong lifespan: 50000h.Low power consumption.Lower heating during operation.Lumen decay: 3 within 1000 hours. Then Lumens be stable.no mercury, enviromental protection.Ultra energy efficient replacement of standard lamp.LED corn light bulbs features low power consumption.No mercury, No UV, infrared or other deleterious radiation.Widely used as down lighting or accent lighting in shops, offices and home.

Energy saving high power LED corn light bulbs to replace the conventional CFL bulb 105W.Internal Aluminum sheet for heat dissipation.Light is soft and uniform, safe to eyes.No uv or IR in the beam,cool light, No heat emission.Instant start, No flickering, No humming.Easy to install and operate.Green and eco-friendly without mercury.It’s major to replace the CFL with screwed lamp base directly.80% more energy saving compared with conventional street light, CFL, Incandescent light.Special surface design with arc, make sure the radiation diameter on the ground is accord with the standards for.

Low consumption, high brightness.Energy-saving and environmentally friendly, is conducive to recycling.Low heat generating, no UV or IR LED corn light bulbs radiation.Seismic, impact resistance, non-thermal radiation, safe and stable, reliable Suitable for home, office and exhibition lighting Very low heat generating, besides saving light power.It has a long lifespan, no hazardous materials.Instant start, no flashing. solid state, shockproof.Save power more than ordinary bulbs.Made of high quality materials.